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Renewed Experience

Rest, Restore & Renew
the Whole Woman: Body, Soul & Spirit

Koach Kelli

As a Healing & Restoration Coach and Guided Bible Meditation teacher, I have a deep understanding of the relationship between body, soul and spirit. I also understand that many women (including myself) have experienced trauma and abuse in their past, which can have a lasting impact on their wellbeing and when any aspect of our being is not well, the other vital parts are adversely affected. That is why at Renewed Experience, my focus is on helping women prioritize their overall wellbeing.


My approach to wholeness and wellbeing emphasizes self awareness, self compassion and self intention promoting a renewed sense of self. Each of my sessions involves a tailored approach to coaching, where I use proven techniques to help women achieve their ultimate wellbeing goals. My clients gain the confidence to make important life changes, let go of past hurts, and move forward with a renewed sense of self.

The results of my coaching process allows each woman to have a renewed experience in the way they show up in the world feeling more confident, empowered and liberated to live their blessed life.  I believe that when women prioritize their own wellbeing, they are equipped to overcome life challenges, pursue and full-fill thier divine purpose, and live their best blessed life.  


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I Am Renewed!

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But Be Transformed By The Renewing Of Your Mind.
 Romans 12:2

Renewed Experience is dedicated to promoting wellbeing and wholeness in individuals through a specialized process. I take an individualized approach to each client, using biblical principles to guide their journey towards healing and restoration. With my transformational mindset approach and biblical guided meditation techniques, I offer services that foster inner peace and promote rest for the body, restoration for the soul and renewal for the spirit.

Whether you’re looking to attend coaching sessions, meditation classes or participate in retreats, the services at Renewed Experience are designed to support your well-being journey.

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Meditation Class

Fill Your Cup

If you're looking for a way to restore your soul and renew your spirit, Bible Meditation can help. As your Meditation Coach, I will guide you through the process of resting your body, clearing your mind, and letting go of negative thoughts and emotions that can lead to anxiety, depression, and burnout. With my Bible-centered approach to meditation, you can experience the transformational power of this ancient spiritual practice for yourself. Book a session today and start your journey towards improved mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Healing and Restoration Coaching

From Pain to Purpose Filled Life

My goal as your Healing & Restoration Coach is to help you overcome the negative emotions that are holding you back from living your best life. I will work with you to identify and address toxic thought patterns and provide you with the tools you need to rediscover your identity and purpose. Start your journey towards healing and restoration with me today.

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